Mont Clair is listed as a heritage building by the City of Sydney. It is included in the Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s register of Twentieth Century Buildings of Significance and it is included on the registers of the Art Deco Society of NSW and the Twentieth Century Heritage Society of NSW.

In 2000 the Board of Directors commissioned a heritage report on the building. This report documents the history of the building, it contains original plans and photos, and it assesses the architectural significance of the building. The heritage report and articles from magazines and newspapers about the building from 1938 and the present can be downloaded from this page.

The building was extensively refurbished during 2002-2005. In 2006, the Sydney City Council issued a final fire safety statement of full compliance. The Council said that the upgrade is one of the best it had seen and is a very successful example of heritage considerations being handled sensitively.


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The City of Sydney

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The NSW Government Heritage Office

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Mont Clair