Mont Clair is owned and operated under company title. All residents must be interviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before they can move into the building.

Your real estate agent will be able to assist you with details of renting a unit. In preparation for an interview you need to read the House Rules and supply a copy of three references. All the relevant information and documents can be downloaded from this page.


Find all the documents you require if you are a tenant







Can I move in before my interview?
No. Neither prospective shareholders nor tenants can move in before they are interviewed and approved by the board to occupy the unit. To do otherwise is illegal and may result in eviction.

Can I get an extra key for the front door?
Yes. An extra front door key may be obtained by contacting the Company Secretary. The front door is a security key which is unable to be copied. A deposit of $50 is required which is refunded when the key is returned.

What if I lose my keys?
You should contact the Company Secretary immediately if you lose your front door key. It is important not to keep any identification with your front door key as considerable expense and inconvenience is caused when the front door lock has to be changed. If you lose your unit key, you should contact a locksmith as the neither the board nor the Company Secretary have master keys or back up keys for units.

What do I do if the lift breaks down?
You should contact the lift company directly to reports faults or breakdowns. The contact details for the lift company are inside the lift and on the foyer notice board.

What do I do if the washing machines breakdown?
You should contact the washing machine company directly as Mont Clair does not own the washing machines. The contact details are on the washing machines.

What if something inside my unit needs attention?
Interior maintenance of a unit is the responsibility of the unit owner (shareholder). Tenants should contact their letting agent in the first instance to report any problems. The letting agent will contact the shareholder (or the Company Secretary) to obtain approval for repairs and to make necessary arrangements. Tenants will be given reasonable notice about the arrangements for the repairs to be carried out and will be required to provide access to their unit

What if something in the common areas needs attention?
The Company Secretary should be contacted if something in the common areas needs attention. If required, they will contact the board and following approval will arrange for repairs to be carried out.

Who cleans the public areas and looks after the plants?
The company arranges cleaning of the public areas and looks after the plants. However, residents should clean up any mess in the public areas they have caused as cleaning is done once per week (Thursday mornings) and it is important for the building to have a good appearance at all times for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

How often is the garbage collected?
The company has arrangements in place for the garbage to be put out for collection on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Recycling waste collection is on Sunday evenings only. The garbage and recycling room is at the rear of the building adjacent to the South West Courtyard. Residents must ensure that their garbage and recycling waste is appropriately placed in the bins provided.

Where are the utilities meters for my unit?
The electrical meters for units are located on the relevant floor in the cupboards at the Northern (front) end of the building. There are no water meters for individual units and the company looks after the buildings water supply.

How is my mail delivered and what do I do with mail for previous residents?
Australia Post has a front door key and delivers your mail into your letterbox or leaves a card for collection of large items which do not fit in your letterbox. Mail for previous residents must be redirected and placed in the nearest letterbox (Victoria St and Liverpool Streets or Oxford St at Taylor Square). Mail left on top of the letter boxes is not collected by the Postman.

What are the rules for the roof terrace and can I use it for a private function?
The Violet Cowley roof terrace is a shared amenity provided for the use of all shareholders, residents and their guests subject to their observance of the following requirements –

(a) Cigarettes or cigarette butts must not be thrown on to the street or the courtyards of the building. Ashtrays are provided for the proper disposal of butts but if there are no suitable ashtrays available at any time, residents must provide their own.
(b) Noise must always be kept within reasonable limits.
(c) The needs of other residents should be kept in mind; shareholders and residents must not monopolise the area. Each shareholder or resident may entertain only up to 10 guests at any time except when a special function has been approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with sub-paragraph (g), but on New Year’s Eve the number of guests entertained by each shareholder or resident shall not exceed four.
(d) All furniture must be quietly placed back in its original position after use. Please avoid dragging furniture as that will disturb residents in the units below.  Do not stand on furniture.
(e) Shareholders and residents using the area are responsible for disposing of their own rubbish and the area must be left clean and tidy after use. Barbecues are not permitted.
(f) As there is no intercom on the roof terrace, guests should be advised in good time of any contact arrangements and if necessary, a responsible person stationed in the foyer to let guests into the building and give directions to the roof terrace. Shareholders and residents may host a function involving more than ten guests only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors. To obtain such approval the following requirements must be satisfied –

(i) Application is to be made in writing to the Board of Directors;
(ii) A minimum of seven (7) days notice is to be given;
(iii) Residents are to be advised of the date and time of the function by a notice placed on the foyer notice board ;
(iv) The maximum number of guests is limited to 20;
(v) The roof terrace must be left clean and tidy after use and cleaning expenses will be charged to the relevant resident if the Board is not satisfied with the state of cleanliness after a function;

Why are the unit doors and smoke detectors inspected every 6 months?
The company has arrangements in place for testing of all fire safety systems for the building every 6 months to ensure that they are all working in case of an emergency. It is important that residents provide access for testing of detectors and fire safety doors when inspections are advised. Arrangements are as simple as possible and include different time bands on the day of testing for convenience. It is essential that residents complete the form before the day and return it to the contacts provided on the form to assist planning.

What do I do if I hear the fire alarm?
If you hear the fire alarm, you must exit the building via the main staircase and assemble on Liverpool St. There are no false alarms. Please remember to take your unit keys with you and wait on Liverpool Street until the Fire Brigade allows entry to the building. The Fire Brigade attends within a few minutes of the fire alarm sounding.

What do I do if I have set off the fire alarm?
If you set off the fire alarm, turn off all appliances, grab your keys and exit the building via the main stair case and assemble on Liverpool St. When the Fire Brigade arrives, immediately identify yourself to them and let them know what has happened. Either return to your unit with them if they feel it is safe for you to do so or if necessary give them your unit key and wait on Liverpool St until they have investigated and returned. The fire brigade charges up to $1750 for attending each incident. The company seeks reimbursement from the relevant shareholder, who in turn may seek reimbursement from the tenant where the unit is rented.

I have visitors coming to stay. Do I need to get approval and who do I have to notify?
A visitor may stay overnight in a unit on an occasional basis so long as at least one permanent resident in the unit is present, but if a visitor is to stay in a unit for more than one week the Board must be informed and its approval obtained. Please contact the Company Secretary and/or the Director on your floor when approval of visitors is required.

Can I sublet my unit?
No. Only the resident approved by the board may occupy to the unit. You may not transfer that right to occupy to another person.

Can I store my bicycle somewhere?
Mont Clair provides some bicycle racks in the garbage room area on the ground floor on a first come first served basis. Residents are requested to use these with respect for others.

Can I open the doors to the back lane for deliveries or moving?
The back doors to Mont Clair Lane are alarmed and may only be opened in an emergency. However, in exceptional circumstances, access may be provided by contacting the Board.

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